Improve Operational Efficiency With Truck Scales

Truck Scales For SaleTruck scales (also known as weighbridges, weigh pads, and onboard scales depending on the type) are primarily used to weigh trucks and the contents being carried on those trucks.

Truck scales come in various designs, ranging from a single weighing deck to multiple deck structures. Truck scales are primarily manufactured using either a concrete, or a metal weighing deck. Most modern truck scales, such as those designed and manufactured by Walz Scale, use a digital indicator to generate and display the weight on the scale and are fitted with load cells underneath the weighing deck.

Basic Classification of Truck Scales

When weighing a truck, you can use either of the two general ways: one-axle weighing or one-stop truck weighing. With one-axle weighing, the vehicle is slowly driven to the scale, stopping each time, as one set of wheels is positioned on the weigh deck. The vehicle weight is totaled by adding the individual calculations. On the other hand, using the one-stop truck weighing process, the vehicle is placed all at one on the weigh deck. There are two basic classifications of truck scales, either a full-length scale or an axle truck scale.

Full-Length Truck Scales

Full-length truck scales are either pit, low profile, concrete deck, steel deck, full-electronic, bumper bolt resistant, electromechanical, or check rod restraint. Each type of full-length truck scale is used to weigh different materials. These scales are usually the most expensive truck scales available.

Axle Truck Scales

Although axle truck scales are not always as accurate as the full-length scales, they are also hugely popular because they are more convenient and portable. Axle truck scales are much easier to install, compared to the full-length scale are can be placed either above the ground level or inside a pit. Some axle scale systems can be custom tailored given the industry or operation using it.

Whether to be used for farming and agriculture or for mining and resource extraction, incorporating truck scales in your business operation will greatly improve the efficiency of your operations.

The ability to weigh and unload at the same location will help reduce the redundant steps normally experienced when the truck scales are located away from the loading or unloading areas. Having an accurate weighing system is crucial in the safety and cost control aspects of the business. It is a vital component in such industries as mining, farming, and railway, in order to monitor efficiency and determine profits accurately.