The Technology Behind Onboard Rail Scales

Rail ScaleOn-board rail scales use some of the most modern technologies in weighing heavyweight equipment such as rail cars. They are modified to weigh the freight weight of rail cars as they pass by at a certain time on the rail. That is why they are called "on-board" or at times, "in-motion scales".

These rail scales are used in different industries such as in mining, agriculture or any other large scale industry. They will serve best an industry that requires precise measurement of the content that is being moved by the given rail car. Generally, the in motion rail scale will be used to give efficient means of computing the weight and for that, it will help to evaluate the value of the load being transported in the rail car. Every weight measurement will be determined on the basis of the exclusive freight weight of every content.

How Rail Scale Technology Works

The on-board rail scales are normally installed precisely on the main line of the rail tracks. These scales are usually installed directly in order to give the exact measurement of a given rail car. The rail scales come in 2 varying types:

Each of these systems/application will give the expected result, but the first type is quicker. The scale system will measure the overall weight of the rail car the moment the car passes on the railroad. That is the most preferred as it is positioned at a given station and the measuring monitoring is made easier.

Applications of the Rail Scales

Given the multiple large scale industries that deal with bulky goods, rail car scales play a huge role in several industries which include:

They are also used in shipping and logistics, specifically at the loading and offloading terminals for the rail cars. The scales are also integrated on heavy trucks or heavy commercial vehicles. They might also be incorporated in waste management heavy-weight equipments, for easier evaluation. They are used to monitor the average scrap amount that enters a certain plant, among other large scale industries.