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New Load Scanner System

The load scanner is an innovative system that creates readable 3-D images of the truck load in transit. The load scanner enables the operator to monitor the load on the trucks to ensure the capacity is just sufficient. In addition, users can estimate the payload value of the content in transit. As a result, the load scanner offers a more economical alternative to depending on truck scales which are complicated and very expensive to rent/purchase.

Functionality behind the load scanner

First the trucks are scanned while unloaded to determine the baseline weight, and then scanned after loading. The scanner saves empty scan info and the actual volume carried can be determined thereafter. The load scanners are very accurate and avoids the need for manually counting or guessing truck loads.

The load scanner thus eliminates the worries and doubts caused by different systems which ought to account for the varying load size, compaction levels and moisture levels. Load scanners can be accessed and run remotely making them quite reliable. A scanning location is set up, run deprive of staff necessity. Data kept in the load scanner is easily transferred to a mobile or computer device.

Load scanner features

Mounting hardware; mounted to rest directly above the trucks, designed to be durable in different weather terrain and conditions. Trucks are required to drive below the scanning post, no physical contact is made. This system is easy and fast to install within a few hours. To learn more about the load scanner, please visit the official load scanner site and click here for more information.

3-D imaging is primary feature of the load scanner. This allows the truck owner to see what is carried by the truck in real time. The load scan produces a report which gives insight on material compaction, spillage, load position and carry ack. This is clearly visible via the image the system produces.

Payload Pro Operating Platform is integral to the load scanner this feature enables the truck owner to manage information obtained from the truck remotely. The system is operated from any desired location using a mobile or computer device and one can obtain random information from different points. Cloud data syncing can also help the owner assess any information via the internet.

Load scanners are very reliable, can be left to operate independently without need of servicing or maintenance for a very long time in different climate and weather conditions. A multi-eco and heater device aids this continuous operation via rain, snow or sleet. This an incredible revolution in the trucking industry, you can be able to determine the location and volume of capacity carried in your truck anytime at different points.