Renewable Energy Profile: PolyFuel

PolyFuel is leading developer in the technology of portable fuel cells. With the goal in mind to create electronic-based devices and products that provide unlimited, unplugged runtimes. PolyFuel is considered a pioneer in engineered membranes for fuel cells and works with a number of world-renown consumer electronics companies to progress the future of renewable energy.

The technology advancements and developments in today's evolving fuel cells is rooted to the membrane. PolyFuel specializes in hydrocarbon-based membranes which offer a new generation of portable and automotive fuel cells. These types of fuel cells can meet the needs of longer run times and provide a cost-effective solution for portable power.

In essence, the breakthrough technologies of PolyFuel provide clean and efficient automotive and electronic power which is rooted to renewable energy sources. Polymer electrolyte fuel cells that are constructed using PolyFuel membranes can be lighter in weight, more compact in size, longer running, and less costly than those built with conventional fluorocarbon membrane materials.

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More Information About PolyFuel

After 14 years of applied membrane research, in 1999 PolyFuel came about from SRI International (formerly Stanford Research Institute). Based out of Mountain View, California, PolyFuel is a publicly listed company on the AIM stock exchange in London.

Members of the team at PolyFuel offer a wealth of fuel cell experience, specifically in aspect of design, engineering, manufacturing and business development. PolyFuel offers advanced capabilities to efficiently translate the system-level requirements of fuel cell manufacturers and designers into polymer nano-architectures.

This ability alone has resulted in PolyFuel's "best-in-class" hydrocarbon membranes. These fuel cell membranes are designed for both portable direct methanol fuel cells and for hydrogen fuel cells found in automotives. These cutting-edge capabilities and high-demand applications have distinguished PolyFuel as a leading development partner and supplier to all types of companies and entrepreneurial innovationsthat can benefit from the advancements in fuel cell technology.

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